Company Philosophy

P+P corresponds to the multiple forms of PASSIONS: the roots of curiosity out of which grow the multidiscipline mind. And from that mind grows boundless ideas and possibilities. Our office tries to create an atmosphere where such passion can grow through interactions between staff and also clients. To challenge and approach design from the perspectives of different disciplines and from the expertise of our clients.

We are committed to building a sustainable environment and encourage energy saving products for all our projects, working closely with leading energy saving firm MEGAMAN®. We are constantly setting higher aims to improve our performances in minimizing pollution and efficient utilization of resources. We encourage environmental awareness as one of the key roots of passion.

We are constantly seeking to stay up to date with the latest technologies in different industries. And we are often involved in collaborating with other partners to broaden our roots of knowledge and passion. One such passion is the experimentation with parametric designs and digital fabrication.